Are you Ready for Sex?


Deciding whether to have sex, any kind of sex, especially for the first time is a big decision.  Only YOU can, and should, decide if you are ready for any kind of sexual activity.


Here are some things to think about:


  • Do you both really want to have sex?
  • Do you both trust and respect each other?
  • Can you talk to each other about what you do and don’t want?
  • Safety first! If you’re having the kind of sex where you might need condoms or contraception then are you sorted?
  • Is it legal for you both?
  • Are either of you being put under any pressure to have sex?
  • You should be able to feel like you could say no to anything and they’d respect that.


What kind of sex do you both actually want?


Before you have sex, think about what sex means to both of you. Lots of people expect sex to be all about penis in vagina and that everything else just leads up to that. Having sex can refer to any sexual activity/experience (anything from sexual comments, kissing, sexual touching to oral, vaginal and anal sexual intercourse). This may also include online relationships and sexual activity.


A healthy relationship is about much more than sex, and it’s good to spend time together doing other things and getting to know each other.


Remember both of you are responsible for making sure you are safe!  Carry condoms and know how to use them too!


Got a question?