Internet and Mobile Use


Having an on line relationship can be positive for some people but there are a few things to think about:


  • It is illegal to take, share or have intimate images of people under the age of 18, even if they gave permission.
    • The only exception is when it’s between two people who are in an established relationship (like a long-term relationship), and they only share the image with each other.
  • There can be lots of pressure to send intimate images.
    • There are many reasons why young people might send these images.
    • They may feel unable to say no, worry what people will think if they don’t or be really proud of their body and want to share it.
    • For some people this is a way of flirting or sharing intimate stuff with a partner.
  • If an intimate/sexual image of you is shared without your consent, the person who did this has committed a crime and you have the right to report the matter to the police or tell another adult who you trust.
    • You might feel embarrassed, but the sooner you take action the greater chance you have of restricting the sharing of it
  • There are certain types of porn that are illegal – even for an adult to be in possession of.
    • These are called “extreme pornographic images” and include acts that threaten a person’s life, acts which are likely to, or do, result in serious injury, degrading porn, violent porn (which includes rape and abuse), or anything involving those under the age of 18.
    • People watch porn for lots of reasons.
    • Not everyone likes or watches porn.
    • Some people may like some of it, but not all.
    • Some people watch it out of curiosity and others because it turns them on.
  • Recent studies suggest that some young people, particularly young men, watch porn because they think it teaches them how to have sex.
    • It’s important to remember that although porn may look "sexy", it doesn’t show realistic sex and can set up unrealistic expectations about what to expect from a partner.


More information on porn HERE



Online Safety


If you are ever worried or scared around being in contact with someone on line you have not met don’t be afraid to ask for help. More information HERE


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