Contraception Myths


1) The pill will make you fat


Research has shown that the pill does not cause significant weight gain. If you do notice a change in your weight and water retention is thought to be the cause, changing the pill might help. Having a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercising regularly can help keep your weight stable.


2) It is not normal to have no periods


It is perfectly safe for a woman to have no periods. Some contraceptives do not allow the lining of the womb to build up so there is no blood to come away.


3) Young women cannot have a coil


Most women can use the coil including women who have never been pregnant.


4) Using contraception makes it harder to fall pregnant when you stop


After stopping contraception you can expect your fertility to return almost immediately except for the contraceptive injection where it can take up to a year to return.


5) The pill will give you cancer


The pill may cause a slight increase in breast cancer but on the whole lowers the risk of cancer by reducing the risk of ovarian and womb cancers.


If you have any questions or concerns about contraception check the Find Help section for advice in your area.