School Health Nurses


Most schools have a health drop-in run by the School Health Nurse and supported by Community Learning and Development staff, Pupil Support staff and agencies across Tayside. Information and support are offered for any health issue and you can also ask to speak to the School Health Nurse in private.


Ask your school for details.



Community Pharmacies (Chemists)


If you have had unprotected sex or you think your contraception has failed, emergency contraception that can be taken up to 5 days (120 hours) after sex to prevent pregnancy can be given in local pharmacies to people over 13. There are 92 community pharmacies (chemists) across Tayside and all provide emergency contraception.


You can also get emergency contraception from your GP, sexual health clinics or The Corner.



Your GP


Your local GP Surgery (local doctor) can provide a range of sexual health services including pregnancy testing, STI testing, contraception and emergency contraception. Most surgeries also provide free condoms.


Contact your local surgery for more information.